Fluid Control

Ball / Plug Valves

- Ball & Plug valves with excellent temperature & pressure characteristics.
- MB Series, SWB Series, HB Series, MPB Series, PR Series, HBV Series with Pneumatic & Electric Actuators.

Check Valves

- Check valves are designed for Uni directional flow control of fluid & gases in Industries
- C Series, CO Series, MPC Series, MPCB Series, LC Series & Hi-Check Non return valves.


- Filter for protection of instrumentation systems from undesirable material such as dirt, chips, scale & other forging particles.
- P Series, FT Series, MPF Series.

Relief Valves

- Relief Valves are preset from factory & with externally adjustable pressure settings.
- Available with manual override option.
- RL4 Series & RH4 Series & HPRV Series, - PED approved relief valves.

Needle VAlves

- A wide variety of leak tight shut off & regulating needle valves.
- V Series, HNV Series, SN6 Series VQ Series, NP6 Series, PV Series, U Series, RPV Series & HGV Series.


- A comprehensive range of 2,3 and 5 valve manifolds for flow applications
- Available with integral PTFree connections, reducing leakpaths and installation cost

Sample Cylinders

- Stainless Steel & Alluminium Cylinders provide safe containment for storage & transportation of both liquid & gases.
- 1800 PSI DOT rated Sample Cylinders.

Condensate Pot / Seal Pot / Air Manifold

- Condensate POT / Seal POT is a section of pipe to provide a large - area surge surface for movement of the impulse line fluid with instrument element position change.
- Air distribution manifolds.

Instrument Enclosures

- Instrument Enclosures and Sun shades for field instruments made of GRP in various configurations with complete mounting accessories.

Pressure Regulators

- Pressure regulators for precise pressure control & greater sensitivity.
- For Analyser system, Gas management instrument caliberation & semi conductor application.

Quick Couplings

- Offers a full range of precision quick for use in the process, power & instrumentation fields.
- Available with different end configurations.

Stainless Steel, PTFE & Thermoplastic Hose

- Parker Stainless steel, PTFE Hose and Thermoplastic, Parflex hose and fitting products support instrumentation process system.
- Hose assembly and testing.