Measuring Instruments

Pressure Measuring Instruments

- Nuovafima Italy Pressure Gauges, Electronic Pressure Transmitters, Calibration Systems, Pressure Switches & Diaphragm Seals.
- Wide range of pressure scales in liquid filled & Dry version with & bottom connection.back

Pressure Gauges

Temperature Measuring Instruments

- Nuovafima Italy inert gas filled thermometers', Bi-metal thermometer, Thermocouples, Resistance temperature detectors & Thermowells etc.

Thermowells & Sample Probes

- Texas Thermowells USA, available both in Screwed & Flanged design.
- Custom designed & fabricated based on requirement & vibration calculation
- Available in all Exotic grades.

Pressure Transmitters

- Pressure Transmitter
- Differential Pressure Transmitter
- Temperature Transmitter
- Compatible to connect DCS, PLC & PC

Solenoid Valve

- Solenoid Valves,Pressure Regulators
- Manifolds,Namur Interface Valves
- Intrinsic Safe & Explosion Proof (EEx)

Fluid Control

- Solenoid Valves Process Control Valves For air, water, oil & gas applications Brass & Stainless bodies

Tube Fabrication Equipment

- High Quality Tube benders, Cutting & Deburring Tools, Par Lok wrench, Ferrule presetting tools, Rotary wrench, Tube marker, Inspection gauge & Gas gauge.

Tube Clamps

- RSB tube clamps, Snap-Trap tube clamps, Parklamp tube clamps. Tube racks & P-Clips.
- Available for Single, Double & Multi tube in Metric & Imperial sizes.
- Air distribution manifolds.


- Compact double black and bleed valves featuring needle valves
- Configurable options include single block double block and bleed


- Compact double block and bleed valves featuring needle or ball valve, featuring needle valves
- Configurable options include single block double block and double block and bleed

Close Coupled Instrument Mounting System

- Close coupled solution for flow measurement applications
- Features phastfit for rapid transmitter removal and connection