Process Air & Gas

Compressed Air Filtration

High efficiency filters to remove water, oil and solid particulate from compressed air, Filters available with porting up to 16 flange and flow capacities to 63,000 m/hr.

Par-Fit Air Elements

The inherent advantage of Parker filter elements are available are in a range of filter elements sized to fit other manufacture's housings, offering opportunity to upgrade to a Parker filter.

Hydrogen Generators

Ultra high Hydrogen gas generators to operate analytical instrumentation and Zero-Air generators for chromatograph analyzers.

Nitrogen Generators

On-site Nitrogen generators using Membrane and Pressure Swing Adsorption technologies. Explosion-proof N2 generation skid for purging, blanketing, inerting & packaging applications.

Breathing Air Purifier

Breathing air for medical applications, Units available for flow capacities up to 850m/hr.

Membrane Air Dryers

Innovative Membrane air dryer that provides clean dry with dew points down to -40 c, without any moving parts or requirement for additional power.

Adsorption Air Dryers

Compact Heatless & Vacuum heat regenerated adsorption dryers for flow capacities up to 14,500 m/hr Pressure dew point down to -70c.

Refrigeration Air Dryers

High performance Refrigeration dryers for flow capacities up to 10,800 m/hr. Pressure dew point to +3c.


Specially designed for filling Nitrogen into car and truck tyres. Filling tyres with nitrogen can bring benefits of longer tyre life, better fuel efficiency and increased safety.

Steam Filtration Systems

Sterile, vent and steam filters enable user to ensure that all micro-organisms are removed, for safe use of air and gases in modern process industry and medical applications.

Process Filtration Systems

Process filtration offers wide range of pleated, depth, wound and membrance cartridges with different microns and variety of filter medias. Carbon steel and SS316 material bag / cartridge filter vessels in different sizes.

Stainless Steel Filters

A wide variety of gas filters constructed of Stainless steel, pressure to 345 bar, temperature to 204c ideal for removing solid and large quantities of liquid from gases.